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About is the premier food allergy restaurant guide that describes the allergy friendliness of each restaurant. Information such as having a formal allergy policy, what allergens are on their menu, a list or book of ingredients, willingness to prepare a custom meal and kitchen layout, are available for each restaurant on the website to help you decide if it is an appropriate location for you and your family. Gluten, Peanuts, nuts, dairy and all other allergens are asked of each restaurant and their suppliers. Anaphylaxis and food allergies are not something to be taken lightly. We emphasize this with each restaurant. Dining out in your own town or while on vacation is now possible for anyone with food allergies. Search by key word, allergen, restaurant name or city. Now you can dine out too!
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Health Zone In Jacksonville FL, they have a very accommodating menu to many food restricted diets. Ingredients are listed on the menu and they have a formal process for preparing and serving food allergic customers. Thanks Edna for all your hard work!
Health Zone
Jacksonville, Florida
Mama Bakes Safe Cakes
Alpharetta, GA
One Dish Cuisine
Ellicott City, MD
Legal Sea Foods
Washington, D.C.
Chicken Joes's Greenwich
GREENWICH, Connecticut
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